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Our mission is to develop innovative solution for air diffusion based on MIX-IND® Technology, designed specifically to consistently provide maximum energy sufficiency

What We Do

manufacture metal micro perforated air ducts

SPIROJET DLD                                MIX-IND® Technology DLP®       Cold Air Barrier

R & D

We are dedicated to develop and innovate MIX-IND® Technology


We believe in sharing over 35 years of experience

Who we are

SINTRA (Innovative Solution for Air Diffusion) is Europe’s leading producer of micro-perforated metallic ducts. Its products include ducts designed with “air pulsion technology” for ambient air, and those created for traditional diffusion of supply air, both suitable for use in a wide range of environments.

Years of research

Years of experience in the design of ambient air PULSION systems


High performance systems in various sectors of industry and the tertiary sector

Our Mission



Develop innovative solution for air diffusion based on MIX-IND® Technology, designed specifically to consistently provide maximum energy efficiency.

The Best Technical Solutions

Provide our clients with high-performance, clear and simple technical solutions, designed to minimize energy consumption.

Sharing of expertise

Propose new concepts in terms of comfort and innovative design for HVAC systems, based on the sharing of expertise.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Our Story


Basic Research

In 1981, Marco Zambolin, SINTRA current CEO, registered the first patent that will later on become: MIX-IND® Technology.
The idea was born from the analysis of stratification and depression problems of a 60 feet high construction of 108,000 ft2 at the PIRELLI factory di Milano Bicocca.
It marks the beginning of the BASIC RESEARCH period and the birth of perforated channels.




Applied Research

During this period, a database has been established from real values gathered from very extreme and varied experiences in the field.

This database enabled the creation of a mathematic model that would guarantee results even on the most challenging installations in terms of temperature homogeneity and residual speed control.




Technology Development

In 1995, SINTRA company was created with a productive unit in Italy and a liaison office in France. The technology applications were extended to almost all industrial sectors. MIX-IND® Technology kept on being successful even for industrial processes. SINTRA became specialist in big volume and high constructions as well as small volume, with unique prestations on the market, in the industrial and tertiary sectors.




Great changes

From 2009 to 2012, SINTRA registered new patents, derivatives of the base technology MIX-IND®, that will enable the development of new technologies named: QPE (Quality - Performances - Efficiency). Most of these new patents are not about products but refer to technical solutions that can be applied to projects using perforated channels.




SINTRA on the market

From 2012, SINTRA has been offering:

  • New generation plants using the patented MIX-IND Technology®
  • The new SPIROJET perforated channels range, available in free competition, similar to other perforated channels present on the market
  • A training center to make our technologies known and organize visits from dimonstrative facilities.





Today, SINTRA is the Europe's leading producer of micro-perforated metallic ducts and arrived on the American market.

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